Sunday, December 22, 2013

Baby Monitor update version 3.2.4

Targeted to Android 4.2

To take the advantages of a newest platform.
This represent an internal big change and it prepares the Baby Monitor for new exciting future functionalities.

The Baby Monitor is still compatible with older devices.

New design

With the idea of becoming a more easy tool to use the design has changed to a more standard flat style, using known icons, the top Action Bar and more adapted to tablets.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Monitor update version 3.2

Full screen video

Completely redesigned video mode screen to support a full sized viewer.
The system has been internally improved.

Tethering (use your device as a WiFi AP)

You have no WiFi and you need to connect both devices ? Bluetooth range is not enough ?
No problem !

If one of your devices supports acting as a WiFi hotspot, since this version you'll be able to connect both devices using it !

BE CAREFUL: Tethering can increase the data traffic to internet and can represent a possible extra cost in your bill.

Switch between night and day mode automatically

Disabled by default.

The BabyMonitor can change to a darker design under low light conditions or to the regular design when the light comes back.

Select maximum time for video/sound retransmission

You can select the extended sound transmission time after the sound drops below the set level.
Continuous monitoring mode option available.

The video mode will end automatically (energy saving) after 2 minutes. Now you can change this limit.

Minor bugfixes

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Baby Monitor update version 3.1.2

Front camera as video source (Android 2.3 and above)

Now you can use any camera from your device to watch your baby.
Under video mode, if there is secondary camera available you'll see a new button.

Video image rotation

Not all devices are equal. Some of you reported that you see the video image rotated.
Now under video mode you'll see a new button that allows you to rotate the image independently of the device you are using.

Bigger video viewer

Baby's side ambient temperature (if the device has ambient temperature sensor)

Only available for the latest devices (hope that during next months there will be more and more) that include ambient temperature sensor.

The temperature may vary if the device is charging.

With this feature you will see the Baby's room ambient temperature at the parent's side!

Fully tested on Galaxy S4

Minor bugfixes

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baby Monitor update version 3.1

Improved sound quality on walkie-talkie mode

Listen a few seconds of the sound coming from the Baby even if he/she stops doing it.

Long click walkie-talkie sensitivity selector to force continuous baby listening

Press during some seconds the walkie-talkie sensitivity selector in one of both sides to enable listening your baby continuously. When you release your finger, the babymonitor will return to the default mode.

Persistent alert if connection is lost

In that case the babymonitor will advertise the parents with an alarm. You can silent the alarm during the reconnection process.

This feature is optional and you can disable it from the settings menu.

New setting for video quality

This will improve your video quality adapting it to your network.
Select lower quality if you are experiencing troubles using poor signal/bandwith wifi networks.

By default the babymonitor will use the highest quality.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby Monitor update version 3.0.1

New remote video function

If you use a wifi network then you'll be able to view your baby at parent's device.

Improved automatic search

First of all the parent's device will do a quick search. If this doesn't work then it will do a second search using a different system which is slower but more reliable.

New voice recorder

New integrated utility to record voice messages, music, etc.

Notification when receiving phone calls on Baby's device

Receive a notification at parent's device if someone is calling to the device that is watching the baby.
The baby will continue sleeping and you will be alerted immediately !!

Automatic reconnection if communication is lost

If you lose your bluetooth or wifi signal the parent's device will try to reconnect automatically.

Light compatible with the flash of more devices