Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baby Monitor update version 3.1

Improved sound quality on walkie-talkie mode

Listen a few seconds of the sound coming from the Baby even if he/she stops doing it.

Long click walkie-talkie sensitivity selector to force continuous baby listening

Press during some seconds the walkie-talkie sensitivity selector in one of both sides to enable listening your baby continuously. When you release your finger, the babymonitor will return to the default mode.

Persistent alert if connection is lost

In that case the babymonitor will advertise the parents with an alarm. You can silent the alarm during the reconnection process.

This feature is optional and you can disable it from the settings menu.

New setting for video quality

This will improve your video quality adapting it to your network.
Select lower quality if you are experiencing troubles using poor signal/bandwith wifi networks.

By default the babymonitor will use the highest quality.

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