Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby Monitor 3.4 issue

Some users reported connection issues with the new version when using wifi.
We are trying to fix it and we will publish an update during the following days.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Baby Monitor update version 3.4

Several internal improvements:

- Fully tested on Moto G.
- Adapted to Android 4.4.4
- Optimised bandwidth for the Walkie Talkie communications, allowing to increase the coverage under Bluetooth or Wifi connections.
- Some parts are redesigned to prepare for the next major upgrades. It will NOT connect to devices that use older versions. UPDATE ALL YOUR DEVICES.
- Receive a message when devices are using different app versions.

Hide the controls that you don't need on Walkie Talkie mode:

Some users asked for a solution to lock some settings or simply hide some controls that don't want to use. This is useful in case that a person that is not used with smartphones/tablets needs to watch your baby.

Go to settings / interface and uncheck the controls that you don't need.

Now you can turn your Baby Monitor All-in-One in a new app that just have an on/off switch!

Minor bug fixes:

- Solves issues related to wifi and bluetooth connectivity.
- Solves issues related to Nanny Mode and loudspeaker in some specific devices.