Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Monitor update version 3.2

Full screen video

Completely redesigned video mode screen to support a full sized viewer.
The system has been internally improved.

Tethering (use your device as a WiFi AP)

You have no WiFi and you need to connect both devices ? Bluetooth range is not enough ?
No problem !

If one of your devices supports acting as a WiFi hotspot, since this version you'll be able to connect both devices using it !

BE CAREFUL: Tethering can increase the data traffic to internet and can represent a possible extra cost in your bill.

Switch between night and day mode automatically

Disabled by default.

The BabyMonitor can change to a darker design under low light conditions or to the regular design when the light comes back.

Select maximum time for video/sound retransmission

You can select the extended sound transmission time after the sound drops below the set level.
Continuous monitoring mode option available.

The video mode will end automatically (energy saving) after 2 minutes. Now you can change this limit.

Minor bugfixes

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