Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Baby Monitor update version 3.3.1

Connect up to 3 parents to the same baby unit

If you are using a wifi connection, now your baby will be safer than before using this new feature.
Just switch on your baby unit and be sure that all the devices have the same automatic search key.

To avoid undesired connections, when a second or third device is connected you will receive a notification on the rest of parent units.

Control the sensitivity, volume, music, video, etc. remotely from the device you want!

You can disable this feature going to Settings and Connection.

Why only with wifi connections?

Bluetooth has a known bandwidth limit. 2 simultaneous connections are not possible because it produce a very bad quality of sound.

Why only 3 devices?

While using old low powered Android devices during the test period, seems that 3 simultaneous connections are the maximum that this kind of units can afford with warranties.

Bug fixes and improvements

Thanks to your kind comments and emails, this new version solves connection, video and interface bug fixes.

Also it improves the interface for some small tablets like Nexus 7.

Targeted to Android 4.4

Now adapted to the newest Android version.

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