Sunday, December 9, 2012

Baby Monitor update version 2.5

New functionality to search the Baby's device automatically on wifi networks.

This new feature allows you to locate the Baby's device in a wifi network and connect to it automatically.
If the search operation fails, the Baby Monitor will ask you for the ip address or pin as usual.

Now imagine that you are in a public network like a camping or a hotel and that possibly some other Baby Monitors All-in-One could be there. How the Parent's side will know which is the Baby device I want to connect?

Very simple: take a look at the settings and you will find an option where to introduce a key. This key will identify your devices and mus't be the same on both.

Please remember to change it when using public wifi networks to prevent that one else except you can connect to Baby's device.

Fixed user interface issues with Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Tab 7 (P1000).

Solves reported interface issues with those models.

Remember last pin/ip used.

After a successful wifi connection the pin or ip address used will be remembered for the next connection.

Internal improvements.

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