Saturday, September 8, 2012

Baby Monitor update version 2.3

Changes on version 2.3:
  • Fixed issues under low memory conditions that appear on some devices.
  • Improved notifications.
  • New activity indicator icons.
  • New options at preferences screen to contact the author and to visit the official website.
  • Baby's mic sensitivity preference now affects both modes.
  • Baby's device voice recordings will appear at the playlist.
  • New menu option to record voice messages at Baby's device.

Changes on version 2.2:
  • Adapted to Android 4.1 and 4.1.1. Tested on Galaxy Nexus.
  • Internal improvements.


  1. Hi, I was looking for the English description of baby monitor, because german translation is horrible on play store! Any advice?

  2. Hello Escalator,
    In a future there will be real translations instead of Google ones. Some translations including the German one are in process.

    Please, read the English version at the Google Play website by checking the English language at the selector that appears at the right bottom corner.

    Thank you for your comment,